RE+ 2023 Las Vegas

HGTESLA Attend at RE+ 2023 US International Solar Exhibition

From September 12th to 14th, 2023, the RE+ 2023 US International Solar Exhibition took center stage in the global clean energy arena, with HGTESLA showcasing its innovative energy storage solutions and product lineup. This exhibition, characterized by its impressive scale, stood as one of the most influential trade shows in the North American clean energy industry, attracting exhibitors and attendees from around the world.

RE+2023  Solar Energy Trade Shows

HGTESLA's standout exhibits at the event included home energy storage battery packs and commercial and industrial energy storage cabinets, representing the promising applications of energy storage technology in various fields.

RE+2023 Las Vegas

HGTESLA unveiled its latest home energy storage battery packs, marking a significant technological innovation. These battery packs offer households a dependable energy storage solution, not only helping to reduce electricity costs but also providing emergency backup power during power outages. The introduction of this technology enables households to manage energy more efficiently while making substantial contributions to the transition towards sustainable energy.


HGTESLA's commercial and industrial energy storage cabinets garnered significant attention for their capacity to provide stable power supply to businesses, enhancing energy efficiency, and reducing energy costs. These storage cabinets are highly flexible, seamlessly integrating renewable energy sources and accelerating the adoption of clean energy. The innovative design and high-performance capabilities of these cabinets provide businesses with sustainable development opportunities, propelling the clean energy transition to new heights.

HGTESLA's product portfolio spans various application areas, including grid storage, commercial and industrial storage, and home storage, demonstrating the company's commitment to offering diverse energy storage solutions to different industries. This comprehensive exhibition underscores HGTESLA's technological prowess and market potential, providing robust support for the diversified development of the clean energy industry.

HGTESLA's participation in the 2023 RE+ US International Solar Exhibition not only contributed significantly to the growth and innovation in the global clean energy sector but also highlighted the industry's importance. It foreshadows a future marked by further innovation and development, propelling us toward a more sustainable future.In the ever-evolving energy landscape, the solar energy storage market holds tremendous potential, particularly in the pursuit of a clean and sustainable energy transition. Looking ahead, HGTESLA remains committed to in-depth research and innovation in the solar energy storage market.  Will continue to strive for the development of more efficient and sustainable energy storage technologies, including larger-capacity home energy storage systems, smarter commercial and industrial energy storage solutions, and more flexible grid storage products. Provide international customers with an even greater range of high-quality energy storage products and solutions.