Customer Service

Solution Supply Service

  • HGTESLA provides free consulting services to our consumers.
  • According to your information, we will provide the best solution for your energy storage system.
  • As for the confirmed solution, we will give you our quotation and let you know how to proceed.
  • And you will get the technical support in the later stage.

Technical Support Service

  • During your use of our products, our technical team will provide free technical support.
  • Our technical team will teach you how to use our products and how to maintain them easily.

Purchase And Install Services

  • Respond within 12 hours.
  • Provide customers with product selection schemes for free.
  • Warranty for 3 years and provide extended warranty service.
  • We provide global transportation services to our customers.

Distributor Partner Service

  • Regularly invite our partners to visit the factory for free to inspect product design, production process, and quality control mechanism.
  • Actively arrange professional technical personnel to provide customers with relevant product training, such as product quality management process presentation product installation and use method explanation, system design scheme sharing, common failure analysis and solutions and other services.


We specialise in solar turnkey project. Our in-house team cover design, supply, installation up to successful commission. Whether solar panels, solar inverter, or mounting structure, you can be sure that our components are sourced from the most reputable manufacturers within the solar energy industry.

Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity that you can use directly for any appliances in your home. If your solar power system generates more energy than you consume, you will be compensated for any excess energy that is exported to the utility grid.

By generating your own solar power, you can significantly reduce your electricity bill. The actual savings depend on your electricity consumption and the size of the solar power system. Get in touch with us to find out exactly how much you could be saving.

Solar panels are a mature technology that are guaranteed by the manufacturer to operate at least 25 years. All solar panels installed by Eigen Energy come with a minimum 25-year power warranty and 25-year material and workmanship warranty.

The solar power system includes real-time performance monitoring software with easy access from your computer or mobile device, so you can always keep track of the energy generation.

Yes! The battery storage expertise from HGTESLA can offer various options available to you.

There are currently only two types of solar technology that are capable of converting the sun’s energy into a source of power: solar thermal and photovoltaic. While Solar Thermal collectors absorb the sun’s radiation in order to heat a home or water, Solar photovoltaic devices use sunlight to replace or supplement the electricity provided, thereby making it a more viable applicable option on our landscape.