energy storage industry in China

New energy storage needs to be developed in an orderly manner and the market standard mechanism needs to be improved

In recent years, the energy storage industry in China and the world has developed rapidly, with a large amount of capital entering. Entering 2023, the energy storage market is developing rapidly, and various hidden worries have begun to emerge. Faced with the current market situation of mixed capital support and mixed market conditions, energy storage safety has become more and more important. Low-price competition in the energy storage industry has become increasingly fierce, and safety issues have always been the focus of the industry. The energy storage industry urgently needs to establish industry standards to achieve orderly development of the industry.

In the second half of September 2023 alone, there were eight fires and explosions in energy storage systems around the world, including fires in battery storage units of energy storage projects in the United States, fires in Australian energy storage projects, and explosions of photovoltaic energy storage devices in French chicken farms. Europe accounted for 6 of the 8 fire accidents related to energy storage.

Energy storage safety issues need to focus on the grid-connected operation of large-capacity, high-security, and high-reliability energy storage systems, establish a complete testing and evaluation standard system, and build a high-standard testing and demonstration platform. The actual performance of energy storage in various scenarios such as harsh environments, fires, and natural disasters should also be simulated. Through semi-physical simulation and empirical data, energy storage should be empirically verified before grid-connected operation. Further improve the market mechanism and price policy, adhere to the direction of marketization, improve the access standards for energy storage to participate in the power market and implementation requirements for registration, trading, settlement, etc., improve the energy storage market mechanism, and promote the implementation of policies on the price of alternative energy storage for grid functions. .

Whether now or in the future, energy storage has become an important part of the power system. As competition further intensifies, the energy storage industry has also gone through a stage of brutal growth. Sustainable development is a good state for the development of the industry and enterprises. Storage Energy companies should be able to view the development of the entire market more objectively, identify the company's positioning and development direction, and provide technical financial support.

New energy storage is an important equipment for building new power systems and a necessary condition to support the large-scale application of new energy. Its importance has been widely recognized. Most of the current energy storage related regulations issued around the world are aimed at the safety of the battery itself and the fire protection regulations of the power station. However, the safety and reliability testing and verification standards of the energy storage power station system level before grid connection are still in a blank stage.

The energy storage industry must combine application scenarios, clarify technical routes, and make short-term and long-term plans. In building a modern energy system and a new power system with new energy as the main body, only by clarifying the development positioning and core needs of energy storage and exploring a sustainable business model can it be truly implemented and implemented into reality.